22/08/17 – I regret to inform that for the near future, Geelong Voice Therapy will no longer be taking new clients as James must be away on medical leave.

To find a Speech Pathologist in your area, please go to www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au.

If you are looking for Trans or Gender Diverse voice training, please contact the LaTrobe Communication Clinic on (03) 9479 1921 and ask for their clinician list.

More updates may be available via Facebook at www.facebook.com/GeelongVoiceTherapy.


People seek out Voice Therapy for many different reasons, yet essentially everyone is looking for the same outcomes;

To be heard, understood and recognised. To have a voice of your own. One that enhances your communication skills instead of inhibits. A voice that is confident, reliable, that performs under pressure and gives you the freedom to express yourself clearly and precisely. A voice that allows you to connect with people. One that conveys your intents, your hopes and desires. A voice that is ‘You’.

Geelong Voice Therapy is the culmination of a lifelong commitment to James’ love of communication and expression. His unique approach combines skills acquired from many years of theatre training with scientific, evidence-based Speech Pathology to treat a wide range of voice issues and disorders.

Find your voice at Geelong Voice Therapy today.



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